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    The BuildingBlock is so versatile and adaptable to any and all workouts. Below we have clips explaining how to perform each movement along with full, 10-minute workouts sure to make you sweat . And for more full workouts or examples of other exercises to create your own workouts check out our YouTube channel here.#GetBuilding

    Lower Body

    In just 10 minutes we show you an amazing lower body workout. Start by learning the basic moves including box jumps,  squats, and finishing with core to help build abs, back and glutes. Our personal trainer Brandon leads you in the full video below with 5 rounds of 30 seconds of each exercise and a 30-second rest:

    Upper Body

    The integrated handles are great to use the BuildingBlock as a dumbbell, kettle bell, and sandbag - and the resistance bands add another dimension that helps build stabilizer muscles similar to free-weights in the gym. Check out the full upper body, 10-minute workouts now!

    Full Body


    Low Impact, Recovery Day